Yeah, so I’m a little late on this.  I’ve been pretty busy trying to settle in here in Dunedin (more on that later).  So — FIJI!

Day 1 — Flew into Fiji and stayed at the Raddison Blu, a five star resort on Denauru Island.  Beautiful, as expected.  Pretty much relaxed in the pool/ocean all afternoon, followed by an evening dancing and fire show.

Day 2 — Woke up early to catch the (slightly nauseating) 3-hour ferry ride to the remote Naviti Island, where we would be staying at the Botaira Resort.  This was a pretty rustic place.  We had 28 girls in one hut, which made for a lot of body heat on top of the 85+ degree weather and high humidity.  Naturally, a lot of us slept outside.  The showers and drinking water came from rainwater, and there was NO SOAP — yuck!  Lucky I brought alcohol wipes and shampoo, or I would’ve been out of luck.  Once I got past the bare-bones accommodation, though, I have to say that our stay was quite nice.  I parked my butt in a hammock half the time, and I never knew what time it was since I brought no electronics with me — now THAT’S relaxation.

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Days 3 & 4 — SCUBA DIVING!!!!  My absolute favorite part.  We had to go to the Barefoot Lodge on another island for these trips.  I wish I could’ve taken some underwater photos, but sadly, my camera broke just before the trip.   I have never seen anything so beautiful.  There were purple and yellow angelfish, several species of clownfish, a few reef sharks, a sea turtle, and a porcupine pufferfish as long as my arm — and that’s when it was uninflated!

Days 5 & 6 — Took the ferry back to the mainland, where we stayed at a very nice hotel near the airport.  I loved where we were, but man was I ready for a real shower…  Flew home after breakfast the next day.


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